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A family story...<br>

A family story...

           Radisson Industries is a family business specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative door and window hardware components. In 1996, after 40 years of experience in processing metals for the construction industry, we put our knowledge and expertise to work to serve door and window manufacturers. Now, 20 years later, we’ve established ourselves as a major player in the window industry.



To design and manufacture innovative, quality hardware products and work hand-in-hand with customers, from production to marketing, so that they can maximize profitability.


  1. Respect
    Radisson Industries respects people for who they are and for the expertise, skills, and experience they possess, both as individuals and as members of a team.
  2. Communication
    Regularly sharing information, opinions, and advice in a constructive way, makes us stronger.
  3. Teamwork
    We believe that by bringing out the best in everyone and forging solid and productive work relationships, anything is possible.
  4. Independence
    For a company like ours, whose success depends first and foremost on its employees, tolerance is a fundamental quality. We believe that making mistakes is a part of learning and that tolerance is important in a team’s development. To grow their independence, employees must feel free to try new things, even at the risk of making a mistake.
  5. Integrity
    We act with integrity by always displaying professionalism and providing our customers with expert advice.